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  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for this feedback, Eric!
  • Alek Reed

    I second this! Ideally an export would include conditions and actions as well.  We have many triggers (500+) and it is cumbersome to manage these without the ability to easily export.

    Yes, the API is an option. However, when there are different amounts of conditions or actions from trigger to trigger then the columns from a JSON API export become wonky, and therefore with so many triggers in our instance this makes it difficult to do a cleanup to make any use of the data.

    For instances moving to Trigger Categories, an export would / would have made the transition much easier as well.

  • Chandrika Jayaram

    Yes, this is a much needed feature - ability to print triggers list and export trigger conditions to a spreadsheet.  It would make it much easier to manage for an Admin.

  • Harper Dane
    Zendesk Luminary

    This would be an extremely helpful feature.

    I need to assess a number of firing order headaches in a 260+ item Trigger list.

    Right now, it seems I can only manually add a Description for each Trigger to show its Conditions & Actions, then assess the list visually to try and place things in proper order. Then... cross my fingers and hope for the best?

    If I could instead export these Triggers, I'd simply drop them into a spreadsheet, apply functions to label each rows by category, reorder the list on the sheet accordingly, then import the reordered list into my Sandbox to test before releasing to Production. I could even use the exported list to add my Conditions + Actions Descriptions into Production a lot faster.

    This would save me many hours & help me be far more confident I'm not about to break everything in Production. :) 

  • Nora

    This would be a great idea - we need to change a whole brand of triggers but there is no way to see exactly the scope of what we need to do.

  • Sarada Spivey

    Agreed! This would be incredibly helpful when auditing our triggers and looking to potentially looking at how we could reorganize/recategorize. 

  • Emily

    Yes, I completely agree that this would be super helpful for us as well. We only have 115 triggers but they were created by someone else that left abruptly and we are trying to understand what they all mean and which ones are actually needed!

  • Liz Clegg

    I agree - it would be very helpful to be able to export triggers to help our team in compiling and maintaining documentation for internal training/background, updates, etc.

  • Alex King

    Plus one to this request, much needed today revising our Chat Triggers due to conflicts made by previously work completed. Exporting Triggers would be a god send for this situation.

  • Anne-Sophie Mullier


  • Lino Carbonell

    That would be a logical and great feature to have.


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