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  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Gerardo, thanks for your feedback! Some follow up questions for you: it's currently possible to filter by the Actor, this should allow you to filter on "who did the action". Have you checked this out?

    I need some more context from you to understand what you mean by "on which account the action was made", what's an account in this scenario? You mean a user profile?



  • CJ Johnson

    Caroline Kello In the example,  Gerardo was stating you wouldn't know already which agent did it, that's why you would be looking in the log, so you cannot filter by Actor. If you can't filter by the user the action was taken against, IE the suspended user, your only choice is to manually scroll page by page and hope that you see the update that correlates to the suspension, to figure out who did it. Gerardo is asking for a way to filter on user profile that the action of suspending occurred on. This would be a huge help for me as well, as I have the same problem, and end up exporting and filtering the audit logs in Google Sheets to work around this. 



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