Four Key Changes that Need to be Reverted Back

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    JJ Miclat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Howdy folks!

    JJ here, Group Product Manager at Zendesk.

    • We can't have the most recent comments at the top like it was before. We shouldn't even have to scroll down to see the latest comment. Very inefficient.

    Good news - upon opening a ticket in Agent Workspace, the conversation log automatically shows the top of the latest message by default, no scrolling required.

    In regards to the other feedback, we hear you, appreciate you being transparent on how you feel about Agent Workspace, and our product development teams are working on it.

    We'd love to hear more about this feedback live. Please join us on Thursday, October 13th at 11 AM CST for our PM Roundtable on Agent Workspace. Chat with us on what is and isn’t working with recent UI changes, your product experiences, and share your feedback directly with the product team.

    The link to register can be found here. Please note: If you're having trouble signing up, you may need to create a login for usergroups. Thanks!

  • Chris Hynes

    Yep, super frustrating that this was a forced upgrade to an inferior system. I concur with all of your points with the first and third being the most egregious.

    Having to scroll down through dozens of comments on Every. Single. Ticket., then scan down the page to find the bottom one takes so much time. Yeah, I know there's a "scroll to bottom" but that's another click. It was very easy to read from the top.

    Zendesk has known this was a big issue for years: -- answer "this option is not on the roadmap, but please follow along here for updates"

    Removal of ability to switch between internal and public is also a big time sync.

  • Ken Taylor

    Oh geez, didn't even notice the "tabs are now showing the requester instead of the subject" change.  Who came up with that gem?  The vast majority of the time that multiple tickets are open at once, the are all for the same requester, and now they're impossible to tell apart.  Madness.

  • Tommy

    yeah, 2 and 3 points are valid
    1 and 4 are just a habit thing. after a few weeks, our agents got used to it and I hear no complaints at all

  • Chris Hynes

    Point 1 and 4 are key for maximizing efficiency.

    In the old version with reply box at the top and comments below, newest first, your eye can always go to the top and action what's there. In the new version with comments oldest first and the reply box at the bottom, your eyes have to go all over the screen to find where the latest comment is (a one comment ticket will have the comment at the top, one with many tickets have the comments at the bottom, others somewhere in the middle), then from there find where the reply box is to answer.

    The new layout requires a lot more effort just finding the content to reply to, rather than being able to rely on it always being at the same spot on the screen. It also defeats the purpose of larger screens as on any short tickets the reply box is very far away from the comment you're reading.

    Sure, your agents can get used to a less efficient flow, but that doesn't mean it's ideal.

  • Dan Sørensen

    tommy, its not a habit thing- its EXTREMELY frustating to have to scroll potentially several pages down to the last update.

    Our support is related to software development and tickets can reach many many updates, the new "workspace" is REALLY problematic and  a huge step BACK in UI/UX for those of us mainly providing support via the "mail" channel.

  • Tommy

    Guys, chill, I did not make that change. No need to argue with me. It's that our agents also hated the change at first but quickly used to it. Tickets now more resemble real chat like in Facebook Messenger or other messengers. Also, there's a "Jump to latest message" button, so there's no need to scroll. 

    The best option would be, of course, to add the ability to choose the desired view for agents personally. 

  • Dan Sørensen

    Im frustrated because for a company that size it should be EXTREMELY simple to have the ability to decide which of the UIs you want via a simple template selector or similar based on your primary channel.

    Unfortunately Zendesk is more and more forcing changes that we cannot opt out of, even if it completely changes the worfklow of the users that is using their product. The replybox placement/order of updates has been mentioned since the very start of the workspace thing.

    For me it may be the straw that finally makes me just leave zendesk behind - i dont want it to be a frustrating experience to provide support to our customers.



  • Shayan Moussawi

    Points 1 and 4 should be alleviated with this new feature of Zendesk Agent workspace which says that Tickets should open at the top of the last unread message:

    (although this feature seems to still not be working entirely for me, if you are experiencing similar issues and your Tickets open at the bottom instead of at the top of the last unread comment, I would recommend telling Zendesk directly so they recognize it as a more widespread issue)

  • Dan Sørensen

    unfortunately it wont change anything, often our tickets and replies are based on customer mailthreads - often very long mailthreads. We tried using workspace for 14 days before switching back within the graceperiod - its utterly trash for our usecase. Unfortunately the ZD support and product owner for workspace is completely indifferent to our concerns. I guess that is what happens when a company gets this big in so short a time.

  • Art Taschler III

    Agreed with all 4 points for the way we do business being driven to a chat based system is incredibly inefficient. The previous iteration of Zendesk was better.

  • Bruno Cruz

    Agreed with all 4 points above. I understand that this migration might be part of product roadmap, but with such aggressive changes, I find it rather odd (and unpleasant) that it would be forced on users without any ability to customize the UI. It's a really different experience when you step into Agent Workspaces, so it's just bad CX to push that on without any mitigating actions, in my opinion.

  • David Jozwiak

    Also agree with all four point above. Posting to visibility and to keep this thread active on ZD's end.

  • Blake Carver

    Agreed with all 4 points above.

  • Jarad Garlesky

    Agree 1000 percent with all four points

  • Jarad Garlesky

    Please provide an update on this request


  • Flair Customer Support

    I'm going to chime in here as well...

    1. "Good news - upon opening a ticket in Agent Workspace, the conversation log automatically shows the top of the latest message by default, no scrolling required."

    Having the most recent message first is not the same as having messages in a specific order. I review tickets all day.

    This is maddening and costs me a lot of time a) navigating the new order, b) seeing the most recent message first, and c) ignoring the little box reminding me of what I already know.

    2. I suspect locking the message order was done to implement the little box with the "1 unread message" text.

    Personally, I find this "box" unhelpful. It blocks part of the screen, forcing me to resize my window to get screenshots. I never use it and it's basically in the way.

    2. Easy one-click access to the requester's email address at the top of a ticket has been removed.

    Aside from having to do gymnastics to get the email address, this also broke our tamper monkey scripts that help us access an internal tool.

    3. Switching from Internal to Public note (and visa versa) deletes any existing text. So if you start typing a public note, then decide to make it an internal note, you have to cut it, then paste it into the internal note.

    I cannot understand how this is at all helpful.

    4. Moving the reply box and the macro box are violations of maintaining usability.

    You might not think it's a big change, but for users who are in the system all day, this messes with praxis by having to rethink rote finger and eye movements. This translates to lost time.

    5. You may want to get consensus on new features from your customer base before implementing them.

  • Flair Customer Support

    Is there any way to get rid of this little box?


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