Calls dropping after a couple seconds of ringing.


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  • Rosie B.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ted, 
    Sorry to hear about the dropped calls you are experiencing. 
    Issues with dropped calls are usually related to network issues. Particularly if there's a blocking ports or IP addresses. Make sure that your network team followed our Talk network requirements which can be followed here: Talk network requirements
    This article will help you check what could be the issue. You may check this document for your guidance: Troubleshooting calls
    Hope this helps. Should you still encounter any issues after this, you may contact our Zendesk Customer Support following this article for your reference. 
  • Tedson Gracia

    Hi there, 


    Thanks for your response. According to our IT team, this issue is not being caused due to network connection as it's still happening to our agents when they're at the office. My manager and I have sent you guys an email with details and screenshots since September 28th using our company's (OneBlinc) email, but you guys still haven't gotten back to us.


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