Macro: Add attachment for side conversation macro

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  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for this feedback Ariff, and welcome to the community!
  • Ian Marston

    Totally agree

    Ability to create a macro automatically includes any attachments from the main ticket on any side conversation email or child-ticket would be great.

    As it is already possible manually, i cant see why this wouldn't be possible and could be a quick win for macro control of side-conversations.

    Zendesk - could you confirm this is possible and give us a rough time-scale on when it could be added please?

  • Mark Pinfold

    100% agree.

    We have macros that transmit PDF reconciliations (for one example) to side conversations with their respective stakeholders. The ticket assignee is a member of the accounts team, the requester is their supervisor, the side convo is the account holder.

    It would be great to add the existing code for "Add attachments from ticket" to my current macro for the finance team. Though I appreciate this could be a tricky process to present admins with a set of codeless code-out options where there are multiple files in the parent ticket. The admin space workflow could perhaps have an "Add all attachments from parent ticket"?

    Would be keen to hear of some ideas for this one. 


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