Messaging - allow chats to be passed to another agent if away

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  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Pedro

    With omnichannel routing,the ideal would be a trigger which has two conditions: 

    a) Agent has status = Away or Offline

    b) Ticket status change from Pending to Open

    and then the action would be to set the Assignee  = NULL which would have the affect of putting the message back into the queue to be assigned to another agent.

    However we dont have that currently (its on roadmap)

    A potential (but not ideal) workaround is:

    1) When agent goes away from desk or ends shift, she bulk edits all her messages to add a tag to them e.g. 'Out_of_Office'

    2) There is then a trigger which has two conditions:

    a) Tag 'Out_of_Office' is present 

    b) Status has changed from Pending to Open

    and the action is set assignee to Null

    Not ideal as it requires agent to have the discpline to add the tag in the first place......


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