Zendesk inegration with Google Maps

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  • Julian


    This is quite a specific request and i believe this problem requires custom solution. It for sure can be solved using Zendesk webhooks and triggers functionality. I will share my possible approach below.

    To begin with, if addresses in subject are always in static form, example - "AP not working, address:Wall Street 11" you can extract address within the triggers/webhook body using the Liquid syntax (split the subject by "address:" and extract the second element in array) this will provide exactly the "Wall Street 11" part. Of course you can always use the custom ticket text field like "Address" and simply extract address using the custom ticket field placeholders.

    Then you can either create own endpoint or use some existing Google Maps integrations / API endpoint (im not familiar with them). Zendesk Support Trigger is activated (any ways of activation, checkbox within ticket, ticket Solved etc.) and notifies the Webhook. Inside the trigger we send basic JSON with some data and address towards the endpoint. Endpoint/your own webhook/server will process the address and adds it to some sort of suitable output - custom local webpage with the same image you provided or any similar.

    With custom endpoint, within the same Webhook activation trigger in JSON body you for sure can add additional customer information (name, status, subscription, organization) to provide and add more information to the point on the map/image.

  • Jysk IT en del af Sagro I/S

    Hello Julian, and thank you for your answer.

    The subject field on our visits is always just the adress, never a specific problem, so that part is pretty straight forward.

    I've been looking though the marketplace and for integrations, and cant find any that can create this.


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