List the Specific Word/Phrase that Causes Each Trigger

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  • Bailey Whitaker-Lea
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jenn Luscombe - PM for Triggers & Automations here! This is an interesting one. A lot of triggers have multiple conditions around text strings where multiple conditions might be met to cause the trigger to execute. Are you specifically thinking this would assist in finding issues with your triggers, or something else? 

    As always, thanks for sharing this feedback. I've captured your feedback for future investigation and would love to hear more about your use case. 

  • Jenn Luscombe

    Hi Bailey - Yes, we would use this function to find issues with how we set up the trigger words so we can adjust accordingly. 

    So in my example above, I removed the word "sue" from the "contains at least one..." option which contained other similar words like: legal, law, lawyer, etc.  Then I added multiple, "Contains the following string" options to capture the phrases instead: "sue you", "get sued" or "sue {company name}".  But honestly I don't know that I ever would've ever thought about the typo causing the issue - I only discovered it when I reached out for someone to look into it.


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