To create trigger which would force the agent to edit the subject line more descriptive?

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  • Lou
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    Niina Tuominen

    To the best of my knowledge, you can't specifically do what you want, but you can do some roundabout tasks.

    If you want this done on every ticket created that way (I'm assuming you're referring to Talk), you could create a trigger to reopen the ticket and place an internal comment instructing the agent to update the subject.

    Conditions would be something along the lines:

    Ticket is created

    Channel is Talk

    Tags contains none of the following subject_update (this is used to prevent the trigger from firing more than once)

    Then your actions would be:

    Status is Open

    Add tags subject_update

    (whatever action you would use to insert a private comment instructing agent to update subject).

    If you read through the comments in this thread Post internal comment with trigger you'll see how to add the private comment.

  • Bailey Whitaker-Lea
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Niina Tuominen - is the idea here to limit an agent's ability to move forward until they update the subject, or simply remind them (as Lou stated above), or something else? 

  • Niina Tuominen

    I guess reminder would be enough, but it would be more clear if the trigger would not allow to change the status of the ticket until the subject line is updated from the default one.

  • Bailey Whitaker-Lea
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Niina Tuominen, Unfortunately the ability to prevent changes to a ticket based on a field (subject in this case) not having been updated isn't currently supported. However I think there are a few options you could try to see if they help with your workflow: 

    1. As Lou mentioned above, you can certainly use tags to identify the tickets that meet the criteria of being newly created from a particular channel and either add an internal comment or train agents to look for that tag in their workflow

    2. You could identify the tickets through a custom checkbox, again relying on the agents to look at that checkbox

    3. If you are part of the Custom ticket status EAP, you could create a trigger that identifies tickets based on the "Call from..." subject and moves them to a new status like "Update Subject"

    I hope this helps! 


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