Reporting on the values of custom numeric ticket fields for a certain date


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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Milena, 

    It looks like a solution was provided on this post but then was removed for some reason. I'm re-adding in case anyone else comes across this post :) 

    In your report, you will need to set up the following criteria:

    Ticket Updated Date: Select the date range you are interested in (e.g., a certain date or a specific period like June).
    Custom Field "Counter": Filter the report to show only tickets where the "Counter" field was updated during the selected date range.
    Report Columns: Add the following columns to your report:

    Ticket ID: This will help you identify individual tickets.
    Ticket Updated Date: So you can see when each ticket was updated.
    Custom Field "Counter": This will show you the value of the "Counter" field for each ticket.
    Grouping and Sorting: Group the report results by the Ticket ID and sort by the Ticket Updated Date in ascending order.


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