ZD Talk to Create a Ticket in ZD even when call fails


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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager


    Thank you for the question. We may need more clarity on what you mean by a 'fail call'? But here is some info for you.

    1. If you are looking for tickets to be created before an agent is connected, have you considered moving to Omnichannel Routing for a few reasons:

    • Tickets are created before Talk agent is connected.
    • General routing improvements will continue to come via this feature. 

    See here for more info. 

    p.s., it's free.


    2. If you are looking for a solution with our current routing, if your 'fail call' is about abandoned calls, here is something to consider. By default, tickets aren't created for abandoned calls. However, you can choose to enable ticket creation for abandoned calls for each of your individual numbers. When this setting is enabled, calls that are abandoned in the queue, in voicemail, or in IVR result in a created ticket, as long as a callback number is available.

    NOTE: In cases where the caller is identified as "unknown", no ticket is created.

  • Lindsay Connell


    I would like to provide additional information on this matter. Please feel free to review my currently open ticket (Ticket #12370874) for more detailed information, including a video demonstration.

    Within the existing ticket or when attempting to dial and create a new one, there is an issue where calls do not consistently connect. The reasons for this could vary, such as potential issues with the phone number, simultaneous ongoing calls, or a disconnected phone number. Unfortunately, when a call attempt fails, it disappears without any indication that an attempt was made or any indication about why the call attempt failed. It simply vanishes from sight. 

    This poses a problem for two significant reasons. Firstly, it would be preferable to log that a call attempt was made, providing evidence of our efforts to connect with the customer. Currently, there is no record of attempted calls, making it challenging to demonstrate our outreach.

    While notes can be added to indicate an attempt, relying solely on this method may inadvertently encourage suboptimal behavior, where employees might "pretend" to have made a call. While manageable in a small team, this approach may become problematic as our team expands.

    Moreover, my primary concern is our responsibility to showcase our actions to regulators during audits. While notes can be added, a true log of call attempts, alongside connected calls, would be more optimal and likely subject to less scrutiny. This approach ensures transparency and accountability, especially as our team continues to grow.


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