Binding tickets to incidents and problems using macros

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  • Yaroslav Blyzniuk

    This is a much needed change for Zendesk. Because I very often spend extra time when I need to separately add a ticket to the problem. And this change will help to immediately connect to the problem and solve other issues.

  • Viachaslau Skorbezh

    I agree. We use macro to link all tickets related to the specific incident. In macro settings you can set a status "incident", but then you can't select the problem. This is the only thing agents need to do manually

  • Nataliya Bychok

    It's a cool idea. This will significantly reduce the time spent on a ticket and make the agent's job easier. It also minimizes the number of tickets that will remain unattached to the problem when a massive incident occurs due to agent inattention. 

  • Оля Янева

    This is a very cool idea, because it will really save the agent's time, and it will also reduce the number of unrelated chats.


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