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    Michael Dennis

    Thanks Rebecca for the tip, but...  Frankly that is convoluted and would be very hard to maintain.  

    What is really needed here is an additional feature that allows a single Article to be published into multiple Sections.  Consider our example.

    Our category/section/article hierarchy is:


    • Announcements 
    • Knowledgebase 
    • FAQ

    Each has the same sections based on our 7 products. Then relevant articles in each section. Most of the time an article fits cleanly into a single Section.

    We REALLY need for Articles to be able to be published in multiple Sections. We specifically do not want to have 2+ articles that are copy/pasted and then published into the various sections. For obvious reasons when they need to be updated.

    A secondary (nice to have) would be to enable a given section to show up in multiple categories.  For us typically KBAs and FAQ, though may also be Announcements too.


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    MiiiA Pty Ltd

    Thanks for the article/code Rebecca.

    I would second Michael's comment that it would be a great feature to be able to publish an article into multiple sections direct in the user interface.

    Is it possible to add this as a feature request if not already?



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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Dan!

    There is, in fact, a post about this in our Product Feedback forum. You can find it here: Allow articles to be posted to multiple sections.

    I encourage you to add your vote and detailed use case to the thread!

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    Rian Dutra

    But how can I get the ID from URL?

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Rian,

    The ID is the number part of the URL. For example, the ID for this article is 224924108.

    When you view a category, section, or article, you can copy the ID from the URL.

    Hope that helps!

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    Juan Hernandez2

    Hi Rebecca,

    I saw this but cannot remember who posted it. We want to link to a section from a category. We want to set up our home page just the screenshots below where

    1) The Category has a drop down  

    2)  The category expands to show the linked sections when selected

    You mentioned we can add a section to a category, but where exactly does this code go? 

    Thank you!


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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi JR,

    I think this might be the tip you're looking for:




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    Ben Dansby

    Hello, I'm using the method for displaying content on empty category and section pages, but empty categories not accessible to logged out visitors! Is there any way around this?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Ben! Welcome to the Community!

    Guide is built specifically to hide empty Categories and Sections, with the idea that businesses don't want their customers to see areas of their Knowledge Base with nothing in it. So this is functioning as intended.

    Provided that I understand your question, I think the only way to show this content in an otherwise empty category or section is to add at least one section to the category, and one article to that section. I think that should take care of it!

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    Matt Farrington Smith

    Hey Jessie/Rebecca!

    I've instigated the above but am now wondering if it's possible to show localised versions of articles (depending on the detected locale)?



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    Nicole Relyea

    Hey Matt - 

    We do offer Localization for accounts on Guide Professional. Here's more info on that for you: 

    Localizing Help Center content

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    Matt Farrington Smith

    Thanks Nicole!
    But I was referring more to when we 'hack' and display articles in multiple sections.

    If I paste an article and its URL it will only show that localised version. Is there a way to post a URL that will detect the locale and serve the localised article title?

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    Seita Goto (Edited )

    Hi there,

    I'm really new to Zendesk, and I'm having quite the hard time implementing the following code: 

    {{#is section.id ######}}
    <a href="https://help center article URL without the title">alt text</a>

    Currently I'm trying to put it into my <li> part of the Category page in line 36, but I keep getting the error message telling me that it's an invalid reference.

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone could give me a detailed instruction!


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    Hi Seita - 

    Sorry for the confusion here- our Help Center templating language Curlybars only supports certain expressions and properties in the various templates. From what I understand, you are looking to use the section property in the category template and however you'd instead be looking to leverage the category object to display another section in the category template. Using {{#is section ####}} in the cateogry template does not work as you are editing the category template and are looking to display a section on a category page. The following should work however: 

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