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Can I put an article or section in multiple sections or categories? 


In Help Center, content is organized in a Home > Categories > Sections > Articles structure. With default functionality, a section can only be in one category and an article can only be in one section. 

However you can display a link to the section or article in the page you'd like it to also be available by customizing the template page for the section or category. To do this open the template editor in Help CenterGeneral Customize Design Edit Theme

Using the is property you can code in the reference to display the content in the additional section or category (see Help Center template is property). You will need the ID of the section or category. This can be found at the end of the section or category URL you want to add the content to. For example,  https://yoursubdomain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/#######

To add an article to a section: 

{{#is section.id ######}}
<a href="https://help center article URL without the title">alt text</a>

To add a section to a category: 

{{#is category.id ######}}
<a href="https://help center section URL without the title">alt text</a>


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    Thanks Rebecca for the tip, but...  Frankly that is convoluted and would be very hard to maintain.  

    What is really needed here is an additional feature that allows a single Article to be published into multiple Sections.  Consider our example.

    Our category/section/article hierarchy is:


    • Announcements 
    • Knowledgebase 
    • FAQ

    Each has the same sections based on our 7 products. Then relevant articles in each section. Most of the time an article fits cleanly into a single Section.

    We REALLY need for Articles to be able to be published in multiple Sections. We specifically do not want to have 2+ articles that are copy/pasted and then published into the various sections. For obvious reasons when they need to be updated.

    A secondary (nice to have) would be to enable a given section to show up in multiple categories.  For us typically KBAs and FAQ, though may also be Announcements too.


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    Thanks for the article/code Rebecca.

    I would second Michael's comment that it would be a great feature to be able to publish an article into multiple sections direct in the user interface.

    Is it possible to add this as a feature request if not already?



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    Hey Dan!

    There is, in fact, a post about this in our Product Feedback forum. You can find it here: Allow articles to be posted to multiple sections.

    I encourage you to add your vote and detailed use case to the thread!

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