How do I customize the Web Widget (Classic) in my help center using APIs?

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  • Shawn

    Is this the only method to use use the APIs in the Help Center Web Widget? Looks like editorial access to header.hbs requires Pro or Enterprise level plans. Ideally from a UI and controls prospective it would seem to make more sense that admins should be able to do this via the 'Setup' tab under Channel/Widget since there is an interactive input field here but no way to save changes. Putting in a feature request for this.


  • Casey Keefe

    Hi Zendesk - I am attempting to customize Web Widget for a Brand under our main account (in order to differentiate the Brand), but unfortunately none of the window.zESettings API calls are working for me. At this time, I am trying to change the name of the Title in the Widget as well as the bot icon (please see screen). The Main Zendesk account is currently running Web Widget. The Brand's Web Widget appears the same, with the exception of the yellow theme color:

    Is it possible to customize the Brand's Widget? Thanks!

  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Casey, 
    Yes, that's definitely possible! There are a wide variety of ways to customize the look and feel of the Web Widget (Classic). Some are built in functionality, and even more options appear when you start working with custom code and the API.
    Here are some resources to get you started:
  • Casey Keefe

    Thank you Gab

    Upon further investigation and working with our ZD engineers, it looks like some of these customizations are no longer available now that we have ZD Messaging deployed on the backend (but not yet enabled on the frontend).

  • Casey Keefe

    Hi Zendesk - In partnership with our Premier team, we have identified that something in our theme (Mink) is preventing the customization of Web Widget. This was determined by plugging the code into the ZD Copenhagen theme where the customizations were able to be applied.

    Question now is - does anyone have any suggestions on what JS in the theme might be preventing the API calls to the Web Widget? You can view our current Help Center here. Thanks!


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