How can I pull a list of all my macros from Zendesk?

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  • Nick Kassebaum

    hey there! I made a tool to convert your zendesk .json file to CSV while excluding unwanted columns. It's currently in development and should be up soon. Sign up for the waitlist to get notified!

  • Riley

    hi, can I import the macros in bulk?

  • Mandy

    The article on exporting macros is no longer available. 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Mandy and Riley,
    Check out this User Tip on exporting macros to a spreadsheet: How to export Zendesk macros into a spreadsheet
    I hope this helps!
  • Support team

    Hey! we have over 300 macros in different languages ​​which we periodically update. Is there an easy way to import / export macros with all content and not create all the macros manually?

  • Support team

    Brett Bowser also link above doesn't exist anymore 

  • Afabio Junior
    Hello Riley,

    >> To export your macros, you can perform the following steps to get them via API:

    1. you need to be logged in as Admin or Agent of your ZD account.

    2. open this link (but change XYZ to your Zendesk account name)
    2a. If you have more than 100 macros, you should export one more JSON file cause it's up to 100 macros per export. The second file is on this URL  (replace XYZ with your ZD name)

    3. When JSON file is loaded, save it on your computer (CTRL+S or CMD+S)

    4. Open site:

    5. Upload your JSON file

    6. Wait for a little

    7. Click on the Download button.
    You will be able to export all of your macros and have them as CSV.
    >> To import Macros to Zendesk,  they can be re-imported via the API using a POST to the Create Macro endpoint.
    There is also an app available at our marketplace: Macro CSV Importer
    >> Related to the link that you are not able to open, an error occurred last week resulting in the deletion of many community posts. Restoration efforts are underway, but posts could be missing for several days. For more information, please read this announcement.
    I hope this helps.
  • Roman Sheydvasser

    You can also use the per_page parameter to list out all of your macros if you have more than 100:

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