Can I embed media in Gather posts?

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  • Madeline Coke

    We're launching our new user community and noticed a common error we're running into when uploading media to posts. When we try to add media to posts that have already been created the system doesn't allow us to. When creating a new post from scratch and adding media it works fine. We want to be able to add media to posts already created. Could I get some feedback here?

  • Is this a feature your team will consider adding? The inability to post media in Gather makes it a lot less engaging for our users. I have also noticed pictures can only be put into Gather from a desktop and not from a mobile device. 

  • Christopher Stallone

    Is there a way to embed google forms into a post on a Gather community?

  • Vlad
    Community Moderator

    I just saw this post. Actually, there IS a way to embed media in the Community part. 

    Christopher Stallone I believe this can be of help for google forms too. 

  • Christopher Stallone

    Vlad this worked great for Youtube videos, thank you. 

    I just don't know how to customize the code to apply to Google Forms. Right now I am just going by trial and error. 

  • Vlad we have a Lotus Themes Custom Template, and had the same issue as another user with it not working. I tried following those steps, but it does not seem compatible with my theme. I was also not able to get it to work in Copenhagen though, so maybe I am missing something. 

  • Nikita Cens

    Laura, have you found a solution to implement the uploading feature on a mobile version too?

  • No, we were not able to get that to work Nikita Cens. This is one of several things that is making our end-user engagement very difficult. 

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone! 

    Thank you for all your comments. Video embedding is on our long-term roadmap. We are also planning to research rich text editing in the mobile browsers but I don't have the timeline when it will be available for your usage. 

  • Chris Apkarian

    What is the status on video embedding? Will it happen this year?


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