Why are my satisfaction surveys not being sent?

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  • Rohit Rajakumar


    How can we increase the Survey count. We see multiple surveys sent to the partner. However, we don't see anyone responding to them. Can we have a trigger for the same to notify the partners to fill the surveys?

  • Wilfred Kaw

    Hello Rohit,

    To set up a trigger for CSAT notifications, you can do so with the following guide: Sending CSAT's when tickets get solved. Furthermore, if you would like to adjust the automation where the CSAT has already been configured with, you can find more info here: Customizing your customer satisfaction survey.

  • Rohit Rajakumar

    Hello Wilfred:

    Thank you for your response. I have set up a trigger to Increase the C-SAT Frequency. Could you validate this?

    I want surveys for all the tickets that are moved to a solved state. 

  • Andy Merrick

    Hi Rohit,

    Looks great! You can also review the ticket events to check to see that the trigger has fired, but what you have set-up should do the trick.


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