Can I use a trigger and a webhook to update tickets?

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  • Effortless Office BPO

    I too want this functionality to update a field with a numeric value when firing an action, whether that be through a macro, trigger or automation.

    I guess we'll see what they have in their feedback forum...

  • RichL

    The lack of more sophisticated workflows is becoming more and more an achiles heel for Zendesk as the requirements of customer support/experience/operations teams continue to increase in complexity. The basic triggers are great for a traditional service desk but to manage cross-functional business processes you need something with a little more firepower.

    • You will absolutely need to subscribe to a workflow automation service like Zapier or  IFTT if you want to do anything remotely sophisticated with workflows. Example use case: receiving a ticket via API from a Google Form or Typeform and updating a different ticket from that same Requester
    • If you're still evaluating ticketing systems you should add the cost of a higher Zendesk API rate limit and the cost of a workflow automation tool when comparing Zendesk to other CRM or ticketing systems that are able to accommodate more robust business process workflows natively.
  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    This article is sadly inaccurate.
    The correct answer is Yes - BUT!
    An entire article explaining why you shouldn't do something does not negate the fact that you can. This option is used by many zendesk administrators with caution. It is used as the basis for many support articles even.
    And by Brett ;)

  • Bobby K

    So this functionality existed with extensions/targets, but now is not supported with webhooks? Why are we moving backwards?

  • Margaret Boisvert

    Bobby K - they didn't remove it... they just don't recommend that you use it.  It is possible and we do use it in our environment.  We understand the risks and do extensive testing to ensure that it doesn't mess anything up.  We aren't trying anything too sophisticated at this point.  If we ultimately have that need, we will likely be looking at an external tool to do that  :(


  • Andrew Paterson

    We have to use this method too despite the advice not to, all we want to do is add an internal note to the ticket when an automation has run so that the agent who picks the ticket up is aware of what has gone on in the ticket (eg. a chaser email has automatically been sent to the customer).

    This is clearly something many customers want, and need, to do and are being forced to use a risky working around. Is there a reason that this basic functionality can't be added?


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