How can I display an article or section in multiple sections or categories?

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  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hey Ana,

    You may want to check out the following articles that might help:

  • Laveeza Yasin

    Hello, everyone!

    Has anyone tried using the "Help Center Manager" app. by "Swifteq" for arranging and moving articles on the Guide - Help Center page?

  • Duygu Gözen

    I have the same question as the one above. We have multiple languages how can we adjust this code to support different languages? 

  • Thanursan

    Since no one seems to have posted an example of multiple such articles in a section, here's an example:

    Also the Zendesk Team can update the article to include:

    <li class="article-list-item"></li>

    'Wrapping' each article. This will ensure the article list formatting remains the same.
    This is how it looks like:

  • Paul Dandurand

    Dear Zendesk Product Manager,
    This is such a common request from your user base. I wonder why you require folks to set up custom code instead of Zendesk just adding an alias for articles to be located in multiple places within your structure. I'm guessing it can't be hard to build.
    The following is one idea of a draft requirement for this suggested Zendesk feature to help you think through it. Maybe it's more complex than I see it, and if so, I apologize for not knowing. :)

    1. Add a Create Alias Article button on the articles right side editing panel, maybe just above the Archive Article button.
    2. User clicks this button and a popup asks to choose the destination section, then when selected, clicks submit.
    3. Under this button it now shows a section name as the selected alias location for reference.
    4. When anyone goes to the section where the alias is located, that article label in the list will have an "alias" icon to indicate it's an alias. When they click to open it, it actually brings them to the original article.
    5. When the user admin goes to archive or delete an article (or archive) that has one or more alias, the app prompts the user saying it has aliases and deleting (or archiving) the article will also delete (archive) all aliases.
  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all, 

    Here's the official feature request thread for this functionality: 

    Allow articles to be posted to multiple sections 

    This is where the product team will continue to provide updates on the request's status, so I encourage you to follow there. 

  • Cristina Galera Molina

    What about languages? How to add the title of the article so that it can be shown in the user's selected language in our Guide?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Cristina,
    Are you looking to translate the article title and content into different languages? If so, you can add a translated version of your article based on the languages enabled on your Help Center page. 
    You can visit the article Localizing help center content for more information.

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