What's the difference between Ticket group and Update ticket group in Explore?

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  • Hope Saldana

    Hello! This answered my question as well. However, I need the other value to be returned. Is there a way to display the original update group? The "Updater's Group" or "Updater Group" would be extremely helpful. Here is the use case:
    We are trying to track our agent's productivity. One of the way we do that is to see how many reassignments the agent has done (triaging) in a given period of time. The problem I run into is when I try to display reassigned tickets by updater and filtered by group (so I can see all of my agents in the Support group), the ticket is in another group so the group filter is useless. However, if we could filter by the Updater's Group, that would completely solve the problem. 
    Is there a way to do this now without selecting every individual person I need in the Updater field?

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Kacey,
    Indeed, it's possible! In this guide, you'll discover how to craft a report that presents the count of times tickets were transferred from one group to another. For instance, you can utilize this formula to track the escalation of tickets from the Support group to the Sales group:
    IF ([Changes - Field name] = "group_id" AND 
    [Changes - Previous value] = "36000000xxxx" AND
    [Changes - New value] = "3600000xxxxx") THEN
    [Update ID]

    I trust this proves beneficial!
  • Hope Saldana

    Yes, this gets me close! I have used this formula to show how many times our Support group moves a ticket to our Development group. However, I need to see how many times they have moved a ticket to any group. How many times did Joe Smith move a ticket out of the Support group? I would like it to show the ticket only one time per agent. So, if the ticket came in and out of Joe's queue a couple times, it would only show once for Joe. However, it Steve also moved that same ticket out of Support once, it would show once on both Steve and Joe's numbers. Hopefully that makes sense!


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