How is the Handle time metric calculated in the Messaging tickets dataset?

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  • Nick

    Erin O'Callaghan Is the handle time calculated for each agent separately in case there is more than one agent working with the same messaging ticket?

    For example, agent A started working with a ticket, in 15 minutes agent's shift is over and the ticket is reassigned to agent B who worked with the ticket for another 10 minutes. In the ZD statistics, will both numbers be added to the median handle time calculation of each agent?

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Nick,

    Handle time is measured per messaging ticket, not per agent. In this example, the handle time of the ticket should be the total time spent by Agent A and Agent B and median handle time would be median of total handle time per messaging ticket across all messaging tickets. 




  • harry log

    thank you great information

  • Cam

    Prakruti Hindia Is there a way to measure handling time per agent in messaging?

  • Alex Zheng
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Cam,
    The best way to split it up would be to use the assignee name attribute. The only issue would be tickets if the assignee is changed later on or if there are multiple agents on the ticket itself.
  • Ryen Manes

    If the ticket is idle for 10 minutes and no messages are sent so the agents capacity is released, is the 10 min of idle time included in the handle time?

    Or is the 10 min of idle time subtracted from their handle time?

  • Alex Zheng
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Ryen,
    If the agent does not send a single message while the end user was there then no handle time is considered. If the agent sends a message and then 10 minutes go by without any messages then those 10 minutes would be included in the handle time as long as none of the other pause conditions are met.
  • Katleen Crawley

    Hey Alex,

    Just want to make sure I understand more about the idle tickets.

    If an agent sent a first reply on a message that an end user was already idle on, and the end user then never responds this would have no handle time associated to it because the user was not there to receive/respond to the first reply? Or does the 10 minute idle count down restart because the agent sent a message so it would show a minimum of 10 minute handle time so long as the other pause conditions are not met.


  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Katleen.

    If an agent sends a first reply to an idle user who doesn't respond afterward, usually, there won't be much or any Handle Time. The 10-minute idle countdown doesn't restart because the agent replied. If the user remains idle without responding, the Handle Time will likely be minimal or zero as the user wasn't active to receive or reply to the agent's message.

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