Strip signature from proactive texts


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    Carl McDowell
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    We now have this solution you can use to control the signature for SMS or your agents signature on a Ticket

    How do I remove the agent signature from proactive outbound SMS messages?

  • Zoe Winker

    +1 for this! We're in healthcare so we have lengthy disclaimers at the end of each email that are getting added to the text and making it very hard for the recipient to read.

  • Artur Zaytsev

    the solution is simple, we need support for special SMS signature AND an ability to send direct SMS, who come up with a backward design to send text via proactive_text trigger? we need to be able to send SMS just like email -- directly.

  • Sara García

    We would need to send SMS without signatures as well

  • Jordan Muir

    Can we simply not have a Text Signature?


  • Rob Barreca

    +1 I want a signature on my emails not my proactive texts.

  • Casey Lasda

    I agree. I also don't think you should have to create a ticket to send out a pro-active text. There should be a simple drop down menu within the ticket where you can choose if you would like to send a text or email. Then it would be easy to automate the removal of the signature from pro-active texts. 

  • Kelly Ngo

    We also have a similar use case where we don't want our signatures included in a proactive SMS. Any updates from Zendesk on this?

  • Debs

    We also need to be able to send a text without the standard signature, but maybe replace with a short one.


  • Hillary Raigner

    +1 We really hope removing signatures from proactive texts is in the works, this is a major flaw with the feature. 

  • Sue Pham

    I'm very surprised this feature has not been implemented... Hopefully a solution is very soon

  • Alex French

    Hi Zendesk.

    What is the status on this feature request? Seems to be a simple one to implement. No signature on SMS messages. If you want a signature include it in a macro.

  • Sadie Sumner

    +1 When you're working mostly in email tickets, you don't want to use a macros as your signature for every ticket.  It's silly that signatures cannot be disabled for text messages.  

  • Flavio Lira

    Not surprised to see another quite valid request stay without a response for 2+ years here... upvoting!

  • Kelsey Bourdois

    +1 It's stupid to have to add it onto every single email if we don't want it on text messages. Seems like a simple thing to fix!

  • Hege Farsund Solheim

    100% agree - sending a ticket as an sms should be a drop-down feature (and not some trigger setup) and allow no signature. 

  • Bruce Hartley

    I need this too !  Please add the ability to turn off signatures on pro-active texts !

  • Paul Abramson

    Is this completely not on the road map? Would be great if a product manager could weigh in.

  • Aya

    +1 here too! We really need a feature that can remove both agent and account signatures from texts.

  • Ula

    yes, please, these signatures look hideous and completely unnecessary

  • Bridget Haile

    +1 to this functionality!

  • Virginia Buechel

    This function would be VERY helpful.

  • Otto Lindqvist

    +1 from me too.


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