Zendesk Guide: Title in URL leads to inaccurate Google Analytics pageviews



  • JJ
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Sarah,

    Please note that Google Analytics itself and its functionality would be out of scope for Zendesk since it is not one of our products, so we cannot advise on the exact steps how you may solve this.

    However, I had a quick look at how we could approach this issue.

    You probably may use filters and regular expressions in Google Analytics to filter out/remove those appended titles, so you can get only the ID of the article in your results.

    For more info:

    Google: Create and manage view filters

    Google: About regular expressions (regex)

    If you would need help setting up these filters, I would advise you to contact your Google Ads/Google Analytics agent within Google, because they probably have Web Optimisation specialists that help setting up the tags and more technical Google Analytics functionalities.

    Hope that helps!


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