Can Explore queries/widgets be displayed to the help center?


  • Michael Collins

    Hello Joshua Paulsen,

    You can not embed Zendesk Explore™ queries in Zendesk Guide™ articles using any of the direct Zendesk product features. That said, I think it's a solid idea! Open a feature request by requesting the feature in a new post over on the Feedback on Guide forum.

    I can think of a couple of options for you to explore if you're comfortable building a custom solution:

    1. Leverage the feature linked below and include a link to it within the article:

    2. Setup a remote database (e.g. MySQL) and automate the synchronization of the Zendesk data (e.g. tickets, articles) to the database using a combination of Zendesk API functions and triggers/automations. From there you'll have the data and structure you desire, and can output that data on your website using any number of options.

    Thank you.


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