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  • Chris Heap


    Good to see Benjamin's note that this is back on the agenda. 

    The content itself isn't a main issue for us it's the inability to change the icon\avatar that is applied to the email. Having gone to a lot of effort to create multiple brands to not be able to specify our own branding should people follow our articles is a major downer.

    Everything going out with the Zendesk logo, if there is a trick to avoiding this in the meantime then please advise.

  • Stephen

    This is a shame.

    Having a copy of the post/comment text in the email's body is almost like telling someone you don't need to visit our Community about this - just read the update here.

    It's a barrier for engagement, please update.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Stephen -

    Most of the requests in this thread are about customizing the notification users receive when they follow an article in the knowledge base, but it sounds like you're looking to customize the notifications that they receive when someone adds a comment to a post they're following in your community, am I reading that correctly?

    Part of the idea of including the copy of the comment in the email is to reduce the barrier to a user getting an answer to their question. It's a tradeoff of customer effort vs. driving traffic to the community. Is the preference for them to get the information they're looking for quickly and easily, or is it to drive traffic to the community, even if it means more work for your user?

  • Stephen

    Cool, thanks Oscar!

  • Vladan Jovic
    Community Moderator

    +mil for this option 

  • Klin

    +1 Please all the useful emails, customized or not, are going straight to the spam box!

  • Kalle Windefalk

    I would like to see a more dynamic feature (at least the ability to turn it on/off). What about Hi-light paragraphs, text or images or whatever, that has been changed in the last update that generated the article update email. Some articles we have for the agents contains a lot of information. Hi-lighted changes would speed up the follow-up on what has been changed without the need to read it all through again to find that a simple line of text has changed (which could be crucial)

  • Mitchell Smith

    Just come across this also. 


    This is really not good for engagement. I can see that users will get an email about a new article, scrub through it on the mail (which is never as nicely formatted as the site) and not visit the site. 

    I appreciate that email customisation is hard however surely in the meantime we can have 2 formats one with the full article and one only showing the title and a few lines for example. Then we can choose a toggle option to select how its sent.

    We won't need full customisation but just the option to hide the main body of an article. Especially when they contain lots of images and additional content which is not favourable for a users mailbox.


    Any updates will be great thanks!

  • deliced

    Still looking forward to hearing more from Zendesk.

    The difference in branding on overall outward professional look is like night and day between what we can do within the HelpDesk articles and the automated email that goes out to followers.

    Could we receive an update on timeframes/expectations on this functionality?

  • Cecilia Landstrøm


  • Sean Needham

    + 1 We'd also like this feature. It would be great to be able to customize the "follow" emails. Currently we don't use follow on articles because of the current format.

  • Robyn Casanova

    Agreed and upvoted.

    My initial request/post:

    My company would like to customize the emails sent from Zendesk for "posting of a new article in a section".

    SCENARIO: KB User subscribes to (follows) Section "FAQ" in the Knowledge Base. My organization posts a new Article to FAQ. Zendesk sends an email notification to KB User. This notification lets KB User know that a new Article is posted to FAQ.


  • Ronja

    We also really miss this possibility... We wanted to change all our manually send "information mails" to the "notification-mails" via help center articles and now can´t customize them ?! :(

    And we also want to add the unsubscribe function, but I can't find any documentation about this?


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