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    Bryan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hi Patrick. The syntax for getting a custom field's value is not that obvious -- here's the syntax:


    ...where the '12345678' value is *your* custom field's unique ID, prefixed by the literal string "ticket.customField:custom_field_"

    This is documented here:


    One way of getting your custom field's ID value in Zendesk is by going to to Admin > Manage/Ticket Fields > edit -- it will be listed at the top of the Ticket Field Edit page.


  • Carsten Falborg
    Community Moderator

    Hi Erhem

    Yes it is. What kind of app are you building?

  • Erhem Diputra

    Zendesk Apps.. I want to show data from custom fields in zendesk apps..I already try this link https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203460606-How-to-get-current-ticket-field-in-JS- , but object ticket doesn't have customField object..

  • Alex Culligan

    It will depend on the ZAF you're using.For ZAF V2, you could use 


    More info about that here and here.

    For ZAF V1, you could use

    var ticket = this.ticket();

    More info about that here. Good luck with your app!

  • Erhem Diputra

    I'm using ZAF V2, and already tried 


    but it doesn't give me value , response from that code is like this :


    • isEnabled:true
    • isRequired:false
    • isVisible:true
    • label:"label_test"
    • name:"custom_field_1234"
    • type:"text"
  • Carsten Falborg
    Community Moderator
  • Lance July

    Was a correct approach to this issue found? I am in a similar situation where I would like to update the value of a custom field on a new ticket using the API, but cannot access the field value.

    Contrary to the docs (https://developer.zendesk.com/apps/docs/apps-v2/support_api#ticket-object), I do not see a ticket.customField property when calling:


    And as stated earlier


    does not expose the field value. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Patrick Thomas

    Any update on this? I cannot see the value of the customField being exposed, as well.

  • Patrick Thomas

    Excellent Bryan, that works, many thanks.

    And it actually is in the docs ;-)


  • Enmanuel Payano

    Apologies if this is a late answer, but this method works for me:

    client.get('ticketFields').then(function(data) {

    // Get all fields to query against
    var fields = data["ticketFields"];
    var CustomFieldName;

    // Iterate through each field
    for (var field in fields) {

    // Find the one that match
    if (fields[field].label == "Your Custom Field Name") {
    // console.log(fields[field].label);
    // console.log(fields[field].name);
    // Grab your custom field ID
    CustomFieldName = fields[field].name;

    // Do some custom field magic for your Zendesk
    client.set('ticket.customField:' + CustomFieldName, DataForYourField).then(function(data) {
    // https://SomeDomain.zendesk.com/api/v2/ticket_fields
    console.log(data); // { 'ticket.subject': 'Printer Overheating Incident' }


    Happy Coding!!



  • Prashanth Thiaga

    This worked :




    var fieldValue= Object.keys(data)[1];
    console.log( data[fieldValue]);


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Thanks for sharing, Prashanth!

  • Brandon

    All of these answers seem to point to how to SET the value of a custom field despite the original question asking how to GET the value of a custom field. This is the closest forum I've found regarding the issue I have but it also looks like many moderator's comments have been redacted and URLs are no longer valid. As far as I can tell, the following approach seems like the most appropriate endpoint for the .get method of the ZAFClient initialized object.

    client.get('ticketFields:custom_field_123456789').then(function(data) {


    hasOptions: boolean,
    isEnabled: boolean,
    isVisible: boolean,
    label: "Name of Field",
    name: "custom_field_123456789",
    requireOnStatuses: Array [],
    type: "regexp",

    How do you get the actual value of the field? Is there another way to go about getting the value of a custom field and I'm just not seeing it in the docs?

  • Bryan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hi Brandon. It is a bit confusing. There's the ticket field's meta information (the example you gave), which is the "schema" of the field, no matter the ticket. Then there's the custom field's actual value stored for a given ticket.

    To get the a custom field's value for the currently displayed ticket use:


    Hope this helps!


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