Auto Answer / Auto Accept Feature in ZD Talk


  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    I've upvoted this suggestion, although our use-case is a little different.

    For some clients we have to answer 80% or 90% of the calls within 30 seconds. So the 30 second countdown is taking too long for us. So we would like to see two things:

    • We would like to see the 30 second period to be configurable, so we can set it to 5 seconds or so.
    • We would like to force the call to the agent when the timer expires.
  • Amber Harris-Demery

    I agree this should be a feature. In a call center environment, there should not be an instance where an agent declines a call for support. Is this something that can be turned on in ZD? Our requirement is that we have to answer our calls within 15 seconds. Since our agents are already online and available, it makes more sense to have the phone prompt them there is a call and auto answer rather than having the agent use their mouse to scroll over to the answer button. Having this option takes the chances of an erroneous decline out of the equation.

  • Manuel Breschi
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for your feedback.
    We are looking at the possibility to decrease the time to answer the calls for Enterprise Edition. I understand this does not answer your specific requirement, but it can alleviate your issues.
    Additionally, in the future, we could consider open APIs for the call answer so that an eventual "auto answer" could be simply scripted on your side, where needed.
    Best regards,

  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    Hello Manuel,

    Opening up the API sounds good! Would that also open up the possibilities to automatically setup an outbound call for an agent? There's a lot that can be automated on that end with a Zendesk app, when the API would allow it.

    With kind regards,


  • Josh Thiessen

    Hey Zendesk team,


    Is a feature like this on the product map? any updates on opening the API?  We are finding a need for an autoanswer feature as well.


    Would love to hear from you on this.

  • Rohan Gupta

    Hi Josh,

    Thank you for the feedback!
    We have captured the feedback. Unfortunately, it is currently not on the Roadmap. We will notify when we have something tangible to share.


  • Michael Penland

    Ditto on this request. Thanks.

  • PatrikM

    This is a horrendous authoritarian measure.


    Avoid implementation at all costs. For shame to everyone who wants this feature included. Are y'all running sweat shops or what?

  • Michael Penland

    Patrik - I personally wouldn't want it either, but agents ask for it to improve their experience.  It's more efficient for them than hunting for the answer button every time a call comes in.  


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