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  • Gabriel Manlapig

    Hi Alan, I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble with Zendesk support addresses and marking those ticket as suspended.Our article about "What causes tickets to be suspended?" covers this case under the exact same suspension reason. I would recommend checking with your email provider / mail admin on how to remove that header message from your forwarding process.

    • This is used when the email header indicates that the message is an auto-generated email of any kind.
    • We do not support the un-suspended flow of automated emails into Zendesk. The API and Channels Framework are the only channels that support programmatic creation and updating of tickets. 
    • Fix: The headers can lead to this Cause of Suspension - Reach out to the Developer/Email Admin about this matter to fix/change those. 
  • Alan Ku

    Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Please help me to confirm, does email contains "Autoforwarded" would be considered as specious emails?

    May I know except to change email header, any other way I could have to solve this problem?


    Thank you.


  • Sharie Salilaguia

    Hi Alan! Having the word autoforwarded on a ticket does not necessarily mean that the system will treat it as a suspicious email. The system focuses on the headers of the email to decide if it meets the guidelines of a proper ticket. Unfortunately at this time, changing the headers is the only way to solve this particular issue.

  • Alan Ku

    Hi Sharle,

    Thanks for your remind. One thing I've confused, in settings of channels -> email -> support addresses, the first request for using this function is to set email auto forwarding, and header lines contain "autoforwarded" should be reasonable. For IT management, it is also a clear word to trace mails.

    However, I understand this word is not allowed by zendesk's filter, if changing headers is the only way then, what kind words I should prevent to use, cuz I have researched many Zendesk posts, and not sure info is complete. Do you have a list for those not allowed words?

    And still, I suggest to have a setting to fully trust an email, or a user configurable privilege to add/delete words on filter, that would be perfect for users like me. ^.^

  • Gabriel Manlapig

    Hi Alan, 

    Hello Alan, I know this is really frustrating. However, Zendesk is set up to automatically suspend anything that it suspects is coming from not-a-person. Out of office responses and read receipts fall under this category, so that part is functioning as expected. And unfortunately, I'm not able to find any article or documentations that indicate the list of words that you need to avoid

    As of the moment it is not configurable since this is a system built-in to filter these words. As a workaround recovering automatically and marking tickets as spam "trains" your instance's spam filter to know what to suspend and what not to suspend. Using these options will improve it over time (but definitely not immediate).

    Here is our overall guide (and links to other related guides on it:

    Understanding and managing suspended tickets and spam

    I hope this helps!



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