DATE_DIFF() should return only time differences within business hours


  • Nayeli G. Jimenez

    Hello Zendesk team. 
    About this comment by Daniela, is any change? Is important for specifics metrics, that we can consider business hours or not, in Date_Diff function, or something to discriminate just saturday and sunday.

    Thanks for the reply


  • Ryan Mumby

    Also just went through a nightmare of trying to use a whole mess of different standard and custom attributes to come up with my own "first assignment to resolution time" metric that would only show business hours only to ultimately end up not being able to calculate date diff in business hours in every avenue I went down. Can't believe this isn't available, feels like it would be pretty simple to code as there are a bunch of other standard metrics that make that calculation behind the scenes, its just not available in the GUI for us to grab and use on our own. 


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