Excel exported is not in the same format in Explore


  • Tanawat Oonwattana
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    I am still waiting for the answer.

  • Eugene Orman
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    Hi Tanawat, 

    The fact that the attributes located in the columns are moved to rows in the CSV and Excel exports is expected behaviour. From what I know there are no plans to change it in the nearest future.

  • David Williams
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    Hello Eugene

    I'm having the same issue and to be honest it's not very helpful. Can you explain why, when this worked in Good Data but this is no longer the case with the introduction of Explore, that this is 'expected behaviour' please? Why would transposing the row/columns seem like a good idea?

    It makes exporting Zendesk data to be used in conjunction with other sources a problem and is a retrograde step.

    Please re-consider the change plans.

  • John Tieu
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    The way it exports now makes it nearly unusable. GoodData handled exporting well if that functionality can be added to Explore.


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