Preview text as customer is typing



  • Hassan Iqbal

    This is a must feature. With other competitors offering this.

  • Olivierp09

    It has been more than 3 years that customers are asking for this feature.  My god !!!! what a responsiveness from Zendesk. it's quite disgraceful.

    Indeed this feature is provided by your competitor and it is a basis

    Being able to see what the end-user is typing does allow the agent to get more efficient because they can start to answer before the client finishes his sentence

  • Heather McMillen

    We absolutely need this feature as well!  Please, please, please add it.

  • Sander Scheer

    We are currently using the chat solution, which offers this. It allows our agents to be very pro-active in their chats, our customers are really surprised by the quick answers we can give them.

    So if Zendesk integrates this in their chat, it would be the reason for us to migrate the chat to Zendesk Chat.

  • Xrrvnafy

    I also use LiveChatInc. I'm waiting for this feature "Preview text as customer is typing" so I can sign up for Zendesk Chat. Will this ever be implemented?

  • Jagoda Janiszewska

    Today we just implemented Zendesk Chat solution, replacing LiveChatInc. What I can say is only huge disappointment. Comared to extremely easy solution that LiveChat provides, Zendesk is very limited and not user friendly. If I knew this before, I would never push for this change. Even the benefit of automated ticket creation etc is not able to hide the disadvantages like no text preview as customer is typing, no way to supervise chat and whisper some text.

  • Flavio Lira

    +1 for all the reasons above


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