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  • Joan Ling
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    100% agree with the above, not being able to schedule to an individual is frustrating

  • Alex M
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    Came here to raise that first point! Rather than, say, having 10 dashboards, with one for each product, it would be much cleaner to have one dashboard called "Product Reports", then multiple tabs in that dashboard, each for one product, and each sent out to the relevant group.

    @Tim, it looks like Zendesk are already planning on allowing reports sent to individual users as well as groups, per this thread.

  • Lohith S
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    I was able to schedule Dashboards to End-Users in the organizations using Zendesk Insights Private Schedules created on Dashboard. The same feature/functionality is not at all available in Zendesk Explore which is supposed to be an advanced reporting tool. Dashboards are mainly useful at a Management level and external customer heads who might not be available in Zendesk. We should be able to include them in the dashboard mailing list. This should be a basic feature of any dashboard.

  • Vincent Dollet
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    Hi Tim, all,

    Many thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

    We have quite a few improvements planned in the realm of collaboration & distribution:

    Sharing live interactive dashboards outside Zendesk - The intention is to enable you to share a whole interactive dashboard with anyone via public or password-protected links. This will enable you to share specific dashboards with partners, or simply beam a dashboard on a live monitor. We're working on this improvement - indicative timeline: end Q3 2019 TBC.

    Light Agents support - We're working on enabling you to grant view access to Explore for Light Agents. So, customers with the add-on will be able to share & schedule dashboards with stakeholders with a light agent seat. This will be super handy to disseminate information with management & co. We're working on this improvement - indicative timeline: end Q3 2019 TBC

    Scheduling dashboards with individual agents - At the moment, you can share dashboards with Support groups. This is not sufficient, and we're fully aware of it. We're planning to enable you to schedule dashboards with individual agents. We can't commit to a timeline yet - but I hope we can ship it by end of year.

    Scheduling dashboards with any email address - We fully appreciate that you may need to schedule dashboards to be delivered in your partners' or customers' email inboxes. We're also planning to address that use case as soon as we can. We don't have a firm timeline yet and we'll communicate with the community as soon as we know more.

    PDF formatting - We would like to improve the quality of the PDF reports we generate to make it easier for you to share appealing dashboards with your stakeholders. Timeline is still TBC.

    and there's a lot more coming!

    While we heard on a few occasions the need to schedule tabs only, it hasn't been identified as a top priority ask yet. Let me add this to the backlog. Happy to bump the priority if this ask gets momentum from the community.

  • Matt McCluskey
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    I would like to add a request to the topic of scheduling deliveries of Dashboards.

    I'd like to request a bit more control over the timing.  What I mean by this is the ability to have dashboards sent Weekkdays only, not on weekends, or "every other Tuesday", or whatever the user many need.

    Much like Google Calendar when you create a repeating event, there are many options available to pick an choose how you want it to occur.

    Thank you Zendesk!

  • Nantha Kumar Palaniappan
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    Hi Vincent,

    Good Day. I would like to check if the PDF Formatting topic also include the reports can be scheduled in Excel or CSV?

    Right now, when I want to schedule the report it's only giving me the option to send PDF format reports. Do we have any plan to allow the schedule the reports to support excel or CSV format as well?

    I'm referring to your updates as below 2 months back. 


    Thank you in advance. 

  • Joan Ling
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    As we are approaching the end of Q3 I'm wondering where Zendesk is at with Sharing live interactive dashboards outside Zendesk?  Look forward to hearing an update.


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