Chat Concurrency : Explore reporting is an incomplete replacement for Insights



  • Robert Brindley

    Great to hear you're making progress with this.  We're working towards being off Insights for the end of the calendar year - as per the advice we've had from Zendesk.

    The problem I'm presented with is that I can't adequately articulate a plan for this to my organisation; given the gap between Insights data and Explore data is still very apparent for such crucial contact centre metrics.  It still is not clear exactly what metrics we will lose forever.

    The guidance of 'in 2020' isn't giving nearly enough for me to reassure my organisation that there is an appropriate plan in place for each metric currently supplied in Insights.

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We are planning to launch new datasets in 2020, amongst which a new dataset 'Chat Agent Activity' which will enable you to report on chat concurrency.

    Kind regards


  • David Ferguson

    Hi Vincent,

    Do you know when this data set will be released?

    Agent concurrency is the number 1 request we have from our contact centre. 


  • Brandon Bishop

    Hi Vincent


    Do you have any indication as to when this new dataset will be available?


    Kind Regards


  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi David Ferguson, Brandon Bishop,

    While this dataset is committed in 2020, we are still working on a the availability timeline. We'll get back to this thread as soon as the plans firm up.

    Many thanks for your continued patience,

    Kind regards



  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Robert Brindley, I fully appreciate that you need more detailed information (availability timeline, scope) for these datasets. We're actively working on that plan and will share it as soon as it is finalised. Many thanks for your patience.

  • Philip Crump


  • Lauren Williams

    Hi, is there any update on this?

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for the feedback, Lauren Williams and Philip Crump 

    My apologies for the belated reply. We fully understand that Chat agent activity is important for evaluating the performance of your teams. Our goal is to enable this type of reporting in Explore in H2 2020.

    We are actively working on improving data parity with Insights. At the moment team is implementing Answer Bot and Talk dataset enhancements.

  • Claudia Ruffini

    Hi, is there any update on chat concurrency insights?

  • Elizabeth Husfelt

    Hello, do you have a release date or time frame as to when we will have insights into concurrency?


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