ReRoute Missed Calls


  • Francois S

    That how Servicedesk Call Centers should work indeed!

    Zendesk is honestly a bad choice for us, since it doesn't do that!

    If this isn't solved asap we will look for alternatives.

  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Francois and Joe,

    Thanks for the feedback. This indeed is something that is not possible in Zendesk Talk at the moment.
    If you absolutely need something like this it would be safe to say your best bet might be connect with a Telephony provider that is listed in the CTI integration on the Marketplace.

    Disclaimer: I volunteer here on the forums and don't work for Zendesk. I haven't heard about this feature being planned anywhere

  • Dave Petersen🗯

    This is something that needs to be addressed. There are other posts on this forum that go back over 2 years talking about this. Over 2 years ago this was a "high priority" and "top of the list" Now when there is a request for an update, the requests are met with "workarounds" and market place apps. No. being able to have a round robin like setup for calls is a BASIC call center feature. Call gets routed to agent A, if they don't pick up the call goes to Agent B, if they don't pick up, it goes back to Agent A. This method is fair to the agents and fair to the customers.

    Currently with Zendesk the call will go to Agent A. If they don't pick up, it goes to Agent B. If they don't pick up, the customer goes back into the hold queue. There, the customer sits until they either get tired of waiting and hang up, or until the queue time expires.

    How, in ANYONE's right mind, is that a GOOD customer experience? This issue needs to be reintroduced to the zendesk development team, and should be worked as a high priority. As I have stated, this is BASIC for a lot of other service desk platforms. Until it becomes a feature for Zendesk, I will not be recommending it to any company looking for a service desk platform for a call center.

  • Francois S

    FYI Zendesk, is performing an BETA to solve this issue. 

    I have subscribed to this Beta but didn't received any news about it.

    Is it active, not active ? I don't know. 

    But you can maybe also Subscribe to this beta Dave. (Don't have the link anymore)


    PS: I totally agree with you about the recommandation part. 

  • Dylan Saunders

    The fact that ZD Talk does this can be very frustrating. There have been times where we have low staffing when one of our agents misses a call, and the only other tech we have on phones is busy with another call. When this happens, there's no way to get that call to go back to the agent who initially missed the call.

    I've even had people log out, disable Talk for them, have them log back in, reenable Talk for them, and then have them try to pick up the call. But it still doesn't try to feed to them because they had previously missed the call.

    Calls need to be able to route back to agents that missed the call.


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