What do you think about the new and improved Admin Center?



  • Kelsa Henry

    Hi All, 

    For me,

    1) there are way too many hoops and loops just to update an agents role or add chat to their profile. That's frustrating to have 4 tabs open for just 1 update, all of this should be contained in Admin Centre. 

    2) The Settings Icon - so auto redirect to AdminCentre although it provides a link

    3) When assigning roles, all agents names are not listed. So again, you have to do this 1 by 1. 

    4) We should be able to edit triggers when navigating from Ticket Events console. E.g. If I note a particular trigger fired on a ticket where it shouldn't have, whiles its great I can view the exact trigger straight from the ticket, it takes me to the dashboard only to discover I can't edit. What was the point of being able to view the trigger, if I can't edit it? I now have to return to Admin Centre, open triggers, search through my list of triggers (hopefully I remembered the name) in order to edit a trigger which I already saw from Ticket Events. 

  • Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk

    For those that want to keep Admin Center on the same tab, you can install the free Admin Center app.

  • Jaïs Pingouroux


    I'm sorry to say that the interaction between Zendesk Support and the new Admin Center is beyond catastrophic...

    Here is a typical unfriendly journey I had to take...

    1) I'm on Zendesk Support. Suddently, I need to update the permissions of a user. I click on Settings.

    2) I have to click on "Go to Admin Center": that's just the most stupid click ever, I already said the interface I wanted to access SETTINGS, so why just don't bring me to Admin Center directly? --> Opens tab 2

    3) In tab 2, I have to click People > Team members before I can search for the team member. 2 more useless clicks. Then I click on the team member to access profile --> Opens tab 3 (which looks like my previous Zendesk Support settings page)

    4) I now have to click on "Manage in Admin Center" to display this user's right. But maaan, I already was in Admin Center!!!!! --> Opens tab 4, where I can finally set up the permissions.

    On which planet does that represent a good user experience?? Are you PM paid by the tab?


    Hey, while I'm at it, here's another one for the views...

    Steps 1 to 3: as above (click click click, tab, tab)

    4) I edit a view. When I'm done, I wanna check it and click on Open. And what happens? It opens the view in the SAME tab, simply ruining steps 1 to 3 (unless I shamefully hit the BACK button on my browser)... The ONLY time I'd like Admin Center to actually open a new tab, is the only time when it doesn't...

    Please... do something!


  • Vaughan

    All my settings were just a click away
    This time it looks like it is here to stay :(
    Oh I believe, in good updates

    To add actual substance, I find this update bothersome in multiple ways but one example is when trouble-shooting macro/trigger/automation events in the contact event history log. When clicking a link to view the macro/trigger/automation that fired, Chrome navigates your same tab into the Admin center and you lose sight of the contact you're troubleshooting. This requires users to open the link in a new tab or duplicate the existing tab once opened and navigate backward. Neither are ideal solutions, what if the links opened in a new tab by default?

  • Beverly Dawson

    Our organization is constantly updating views, macros, and dynamic content, often in large groups of items and not just one or two. In general, I'm not a fan of having to go outside my instance of zendesk to a new tab for the Admin Center, however I could adjust IF I didn't think this was responsible for the extreme delay in updates we're now experiencing. 

    Since the update moving these features to the separate Admin Center, it takes an excruciatingly long time for changes we've made to be reflected in zendesk. How can I update 30 some macros in one shift, when it takes half an hour or more before I can test and make sure my changes worked and behave as expected? I'm hoping the delay will improve as the update continues to get fleshed out, but right now I dread having to make any updates and just repeatedly bang refresh before I can see the results of my work, and more importantly, before changes I make are available to our agents.

    Sometimes these changes are pretty time sensitive and the entire team is on hold until the change updates. It's pretty frustrating. 

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Beverly Dawson I'm one of the Product Managers here at Zendesk. Thanks so much for your feedback, it's truly valuable to us. There shouldn't be any impact at all to the time it takes for things to be updated by this move to Admin Center. Can you provide further details? If you already have a ticket, please ask the Advocate to loop me in.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi Scott Allison

    I concur with Beverly, the new admin center is much slower. I think most of it is due to the way the admin center at this time opens its "leaf" pages: It opens them seemingly in the support client, then moves them to the admin center. It's just eating that time with jumping back and forth.

    I really hate to have to state that once again, but here it is:
    This code is not production ready.

    Constructively, I ask that you streamline things, and watch out for these problems the current code has:

    • organize your admin center in a way that is understandable to mere mortals, not just gurus: Please explain to me why organizations are only either in the side bar of the support client or (optionally) nowhere - and why you think that end users need to be available in the sidebar only. To me, these two look like administrative items, and I'd expect them to be available in a people related set of functionalities (yes, I know ... as has been the case before).
    • open "leaf" pages directly in the admin client, not in the support client.
    • it is important to most of us admins to be able to have multiple tabs or browser windows with the admin client open in parallel, for instance to do some lookups in one instance (e.g. a ticket field value) and enter that in another window (e.g. a trigger).
      This might also be two triggers that are open at the same time, to adapt one to the new flow that the other has already.
    • under no circumstances shall a back button click kick you out of the admin center without context.
    • it would be the icing on the cake if you'd incorporate features like the browser extension Zendesk Quicktabs (optionally, of course) for the support client at the same time.

    I could go on for pages, but please fix your codes most glaring holes NOW.
    It is a veritable PITA to use at this time.

    Questions? Need a demo?

    Gimme a holler.

    Yours truly


  • Trina

    Beverly Dawson, Scott Allison,

    I thought I was going crazy until I read Beverly's feedback. I had created a new chat group and added member when I created it. When I went to enable the chat group in Chat, I saw that the group had no members. I went back to the Admin Center to confirm that I had saved the added members to the group and saw that they had been saved. I went back to Chat and refreshed, but still nothing. I spent about a 1/2 hour looking all over the place for where I missed a configuration somewhere until FINALLY one of the members showed up in the group when viewing the group in Chat. I still couldn't figure out why the second member wasn't showing up, but I left it alone and the next day I found that the second member had finally showed up. 

    I haven't created a new macro or trigger in the Admin Center yet, so I don't have a comment on whether it's taking a long time to be able to use them in Support.

  • Chris Gregory

    Roles modifications is not pleasant at the moment. I had to change 15 agents to talk leads so we could do listen in training and it seems really inefficient to have to work off the talk agent list in admin center, be brought back into our instance when you click edit on the specific agent profile only to go right back into admin center to actually make the change. BTW the process opens two new tabs on your browser, which gets messy quickly if you aren't diligent about closing them all. If I'm missing a shortcut in this process, it needs to be louder in the interface somehow.

    I'm also seeing an issue where, if you say go from working on triggers to automations, sometimes the automations list just doesn't want to load when you select it on the side bar. I usually need to do a hard refresh on the page to get it to load properly

  • Chris Gregory

    Also, the team members list does not seem to be capturing talk agent roles properly. Agents added around and after the initial Agent Workspace roll out are not tagged as talk agents in that list.

  • Tony Wacheski

    When working on Support tickets we often want to add/edit macros which "WAS" easily accessible. You could move back and forth from an open ticket to macros and back. 

    With Macros buried in admin working with macros AND support tickets appears to be very difficult.

    Can we have it accessible in the Admin Center AND from the sidebar? Please. 

    Workflow has taken a terrible hit. 

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Echoing general sentiments about loss of efficiency here. I like the vision of what Admin Centre could be, but in its current implementation, it's not succeeding. 

    Please allow us to access these settings from the product. "Meet your customer where they are when they encounter a problem" isn't just a philosophy for where support channels should exist, it should apply to system design too. Making us leave where we are to change a setting is a process that wastes time, system resources and causes a loss in context.

    The other facet of this is that all this tab opening wastes system resources. RAM is a shared resource and Chrome is hungry enough with admins needing to open 3-4x tabs than they used to to accomplish the same task..  

  • Grant Schuemann

    Many of the recent comments above already capture my sentiments about this change which has lead to an immediate decrease of efficiency, functionality and enjoyment for our organization.  I do love the idea of an Admin Center as a hub for universal settings, but not at the expense of taking settings out of Support.

    Working in Chat and utilizing the Settings panel within Chat only amplifies how damaging this change was (please don't take Chat settings out of Chat next).  Having to navigate out of Support to manage settings that apply exclusively in Support (Views, Automations, Triggers, Macros, etc) simply doesn't make sense from a user experience point a view.  I mentioned in another page that we use Views a lot for audit purposes and having to consistently flip between tabs to adjust and modify is quite a time killer.

    Please strongly consider allowing Support settings to return back to Support.  Would much rather Zendesk release this option internally so we don't have to install an app such as the one Vincent Brendel released above in a previous comment (no offense Vincent, I love that you all have provided us an option!).

  • Trudy Slaght

    Want to add a thank you to Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk for the free app that puts admin settings back in admin. It has removed much of the pain points. 

  • Lou
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2022

    My biggest gripe at this time is the views. If I navigate to Admin Center and open a view, it navigates to the instance. I NOW have to click on Admin Center AGAIN to get back there. Pretty annoying.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Dear Zendesk Management

    What happened to your beliefs and principles?

    Zendesk used to be a super-duper Support application with lots of channels and a good, logical UI. You always deployed updates that were sensible, and well tested.

    With the current "new and improved Admin Center", you left your prior beliefs and principles in the dust and pushed a piece of software onto your customers that is not in accordance with your prior quality and ingenuity standards by a very large margin.

    Mind you, I am well aware what you would like to achieve with the admin center, and I think that it could be a good thing - but, again, it has to live up to your prior standards in order to help you stop the loss of customer confidence that you instigated with this piece of software.

    You are currently eating away your customers confidence and satisfaction at a record pace.

    To me, it seems as if you had no intention whatsoever to retain your current customers.

    Take a bit of your valuable time and do what is so common in the software industry:


    Then, read the comments to this thread, and, finally, ACT.

    Your time is running out.


  • Tony Wacheski

    Dear Zendesk Management

    I agree with Peter.  For a Customer Service company Zendesk's  customer service is unexpectedly and often dismissive.    

    It took years to add a table stakes "feature" such as common text formatting available in support tickets, such as color text.  When it was "available" if required work to adopt and contained trade-offs. TinyMCE? 

    This Admin Center change has clear and substantial negative affects on the productivity of many of your customers.  It has added resistance and barriers to established workflows leaving users wondering why this change.

    Zendesk is a great tool, but it could be better by listening and responding to your users.

    Happy customers are the best thing for your bottom line. 









  • Jim Stratton

    Tony Wacheski> common text formatting available in support tickets

    And even that wasn't implemented completely.  I opened a ticket asking how to disable that...nope, can't.

  • Denise Sehlmeyer


    • What was your first impression? Good but can use a tweak
    • What did you try to find using Search? Suspended people
    • How well did the settings work?
    • Where did you need help? Would like to search for just people that are suspended.  When you have hundreds of people in that view, I don't want to have to search manually to see who has suspended by their name
  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Tim G,

    Thank you for taking the time to illustrate the views use cases in detail.  It helps us identify gaps and analyze the experience critically.  We have updated functionality to open Admin Center in a new tab when a user selects Edit from the dropdown on any particular view in Support.

    I appreciate you providing a visual of how Admin Center can be integrated with existing applications.  We have heard from admins previously that they want to centralize management and configuration from one dashboard.  Admin Center is intended to serve that purpose.  We are happy to explore different avenues for improving the administrative experience.

  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Scott Patterson,

    I appreciate you detailing the triggers use case.  We have now implemented functionality such that if you launch triggers from the tickets view, we invoke Admin Center triggers functionality in a new tab.  Please confirm whether this addresses your concern.  Thank you!

  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Christian Jessen,

    Thank you for your comments.  We consolidated management and configuration in Admin Center based on admins’ feedback.  Within Admin Center we have search functionality that can help locate macros, triggers, and automations rapidly.  Recently viewed function accelerates access to these features, if you use them repeatedly.

    To clarify - does “extra work” refer to the method of invoking Admin Center from Support?  Thanks.

  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Carmelo Rigatuso,

    Thank you for providing your feedback.  I apologize that the recent changes caused you inconvenience.  Can you please share some details around the inconsistencies you experienced in saving a trigger, an automation, a macro, or a view?  Thanks.

  • Scott Patterson

    Hi @...,


    The change for triggers opening in a new tab doesn't seem to be live for me yet, but even having you confirm that it is happening is a big step in the right direction as I hadn't heard any other responses to that feedback. I assume this will be the same for Automation links as well?


    Is there any news about if there will be an option to having access to the new Admin Centre from inside the Support product as it used to be? Currently we can achieve this using the Sweethawk Admin Center app (can't thank them enough for creating that so quickly to address the issues raised here), but this kind of functionality feels like it should come with the product.


    Also, the other feedback I would add that I've seen mentioned before too is that it's inconvenient to have to click twice (once on 'Admin', then on 'Open Admin Centre') to reach it normally, will there be any changes to this behaviour to make it a single click?



  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    Hi @...,

    I've already provided this feedback to other PMs and my account manager. This is not new to the admin center, but definitely something I fully expected to be addressed within the admin center UI, so here goes...

    Marcos and Views

    • Editing a personal macro > Select Personal Macros > edit > save > returns me to the personal macros list (as it should, as that's where I was)
    • Editing a personal view > select Personal views > edit > save > returns me to the shared view list (why? now I need to go back to personal views to find the one I was working on)

    Triggers and Automations

    The differences are blatant:

    • Automations allows you to update and remain on the automation being worked on
    • Triggers only have a save button that takes you back to the triggers list.


    • Triggers have expandable sections within the trigger list
    • Macros have a drop-down of categories to select/sort
    • Automations and Views are unworthy of categories, for some reason


    • I click on a trigger link from the event tickets > opens a new tab (as it should)
    • I click on a macro link from an event > opens in the same tab. I've lost my ticket, and I can't go back because I'm now in the admin center. (I don't know what the experience would be for an agent clicking on their own personal macro, but it should also open in a new tab so they don't lose their ticket) 

    People and team members

    As others have stated, stop flipping me back and forth between the admin center and support. I should have all the settings related to a team member in one screen. Permissions for Talk, Chat, Explore, and Guide; the groups they're in; the role they have; security settings; etc. All of it on one screen. Pop up a modal window if you must, but keep me on the same page, please. 



  • CJ Johnson

    Bug report:
    The link on the new admin center user profiles that is supposed to take you the Support Custom Roles page, instead dumps you on the old "Customer Lists" page. 

  • Tom Dupuche
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Kai B,

    Thanks for your feedback. Here's our plans for those items.

    - Could really do with being able to see the number of seats used (xx of xx seats)

    This is planned before we roll out the new Team members page as the default experience

    - I need to be able to see the role of the user within the page as we have a number of custom roles that depend on job title, so it's good to see at a glance if this needs updating

    This has been released, you should see it on your account

    - It would be really helpful to be able to see the agents default group within the team members page

    This is planned for shortly after we roll out the new Team members page as the default experience

    - I really like being able to see the last login date through the admin panel

    Thanks for the feedback

    - Alternatively, it would be great if we could customise this view depending on what we're needing to see

    This is planned as a longer term feature where you can customise which columns you see. Created date, last update date, etc


    Tom Dupuche

    Zendesk Product Manager

  • Stephen


    I have been using the Admin Centre since released in early access last year - while there was an adjustment period, I have found it a good experience.

    However, I will echo that Carmelo hit all the items I think are missing / inconsistent - if these are cleared up, it would be for an even better experience.

    @Tom - this is great feedback to hear. I would love if there was a roadmap visible in the forums with this kind of info (similar to Guide - https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4410198255386-Guide-Knowledge-Management-roadmap).

    Best regards,

  • James Clarke

    I'd like to be able to contact staff from the team members page.

    The page already lets me filter my team members by role or group but maybe adding a checkbox on the left, as we see in other areas, and an actions button, would allow me to quickly select a section of the team and message them, or even exclude some from the search list.

    thanks for listening

  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Dani,

    I appreciate your feedback and am happy to hear that settings consolidation has been beneficial for you when managing a high volume of users.  We are looking at options for further improving the experience, reducing steps to access critical functionality.  What features, besides macros, do you use extensively?

    Also, can you provide some examples of things that should open in a new tab but don’t vs. things that should have remained in the same tab, but open new tabs?



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