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    Tom Dupuche
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone, thanks for the great feedback!

    Being a "preview" release, functionality is limited but we wanted to release a sneak peek so we could get this type of early feedback.

    Everything raised makes sense. One question to @... is how the Date Created would be used. Could you provide an example of when you'd use this information please?


    Tom Dupuche

    Senior Product Manager - Team & license management


  • Marguerite Cummings

    Would be more useful if you could add a filter by the group that the agent belonged to

  • Kelsa Henry

    Absolutely agree!

    Can you show what Group(s) they below to?

    For Chat - can we see what department(s) the agent below to.

    What date were the users created? 

    Overall, If we can have a list of column headings to be displayed to pick from would be great e.g. Groups, Organizations, Date Created, last Sign In, Chat Departments, 

    And of course, the ultimate ability to Export. 

  • Andrew Kaptarenko

    Would love to see level of access (roles) on the /admin/people/team/members page. Otherwise, stellar! Thanks!

  • Shelley

    Great to include admin/agent/ light agent/ contributor

  • Mark Schäfermann

    Great page! Mass edit for roles would be nice.

    Also filters are lost when going to an agents page and back.

  • Kelsa Henry

    Hi Tom, 

    Date Created is very useful to us as it relates to license management. With that functionality, we are able to gauge how many additional licenses were consumed in a particular period. We also use this as a parameter to determine an inactive users. Date created against Last Sign In e.g. a user created in May, not signed in for the last 90 days versus a user created in April.   


  • Terry Ehrhard

    Make all the columns sortable please.  Basically selecting the header column allows to sort ascending/descending toggle.  This functionality is very common in other software systems and needed everywhere in Zendesk (i.e. search page).

  • Gavin

    Given there are only two values to filter by, could we get those exposed directly on the page itself, rather than having to click into a sidebar?

    And if the plan is to add more filter values, give us the option to set our most common ones so they appear directly on the page, rather than opening another UI to see them.

  • Shawn Graham

    This would be fantastic if there was a way to export this 

  • Eric Kramer

    It'd be fantastic if we could show custom user fields along with each agent and then export that info.  If we could group the results by select fields that be even better.

    We have a number of Teams using Zendesk and one challenge we constantly have is keeping track of which cost center each agent account is associated with.  Currently, we have a user field for "Agent Cost Center" and use the Customer Lists add-on to group agents by cost center.


  • Jamie Noell

    Please at least add the default group so that if we need to audit licenses, we can easily sort by / filter by the default group.

    In addition, please add the external id as in our case, we populate this field in an integration with the employee number.  In our instance, seeing a blank external id would help us flag manually set-up agents.

  • Meg Gunther

    Not sure if this is a bug or part of the release but if you are not on the page that the user is on when you do the search you do not get results, just that there are 4 results and then the little Icon "No results in sight,. Adjust your filters and try again.", I have 7 Jennifer's 6 of which show on page 1 and the last shows on page 2, I have to be on page 1 to find the first 5 and page 2 to find the second, why would i even bother using the search if that is the functionality. 


    Also it would be great if we could see the role or search by it from this view, i have to combine three different excels to see this in one place.



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