Merging of Records (Leads/Contacts)


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    Maddy Storck
    Zendesk Product Marketing

    Hi Ben, 

    Thanks for this feedback. The Sell product team is currently rethinking how best to handle leads in Sell, and we want to hear directly from customers. If you would like to participate in an interview with our product team, and give feedback on our proposed solution, please check out this post for further details. Thank you! 

  • Stephanie Church

    Well written post, Ben.  I agree that this would be a major improvement and make the merge function much more appealing.  We don't use it much because of the major mess it creates, but we would certainly use it if it worked as you've described.  Thanks for providing such great detail.

  • Amy Purchase

    100% agree with Ben's feature request and rationale. The current merge issue is not only a user nightmare the duplicate, confusing and messy data it creates perpetuates reporting issues. 

    This is functionality we would use and rely on if operating accurately.

    As new users of Zendesk Sell the resolution of this feature request is likely to be a deal breaker of an ongoing relationship with Zendesk. Please, please, please prioritise a solution. 

  • Maddy Storck
    Zendesk Product Marketing

    Amy Purchase Stephanie Church we'd also love to hear from you both regarding how to better handle leads in Sell. Please check out this link for more details.


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