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    Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Whitney and Ash,

    We can understand the pain regarding delay or missed customer communications due to misinformation about agent availability.

    We care about the feedback we receive. We are actively scoping auto change in availabilities for Zendesk agents based on parameters such as inactivity and missed conversations in an omni-channel way and not just from Talk (calls) aspect. More information will become available in the coming months, it is on our next 9 month plans. 



    Product Manager - Talk

  • Ash

    make more noise and Zendesk will care more. maybe.

    (so good on you for making this thread!) =)


    i know i made a similar thread about this 1-2 years ago myself.

    this is typical software development company behavior: some user requests are honored after weeks, others after years, others yet are never seen as something to be prioritized and therefore never implemented into production.


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