Calls drop out when accepting a callback request from 1300 number

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    Jenny Gillett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sasha, 

    After further investigation with the advocacy and the dev team regarding the feedback in this post. It does appear that we have an issue with the callback capability being set up on a toll-free number. This issue is introduced to us by the restrictions the carriers have put on making outbound calls from a toll-free number, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about these restrictions.

    The impact of this means that Request a callback will not work as expected if you configure it against a toll-free number in certain countries. There is no workaround for this issue that we can provide you at the moment.

    To fix this issue we will need to do some dev work on the configuration flow of the callback feature in Talk settings,  which will allow you to configure a different outbound number for callback if your inbound number is a Toll-free number. This is not a small change and we don't have the capacity to take on this work on top of our current priorities. I have added this work to our backlog and as soon as we have some free capacity I will be prioritising it. 

    For now, we have added a note to our documentation to make this limitation much clearer to our customers. 

    I thank you in advance for your patience, while you wait for us to be able to support your desired configuration. 





  • Jenny Gillett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sacha, 

    Thanks for posting, this sounds like a bug and will need some investigation.  In order for us to do that you will need to raise a support ticket as it will not be picked up in this forum. Once you submit the ticket our support team will investigate it. This does not sound like expected behaviour, calls should not be dropping.  

    Our support team should be able to get you some answers. 




  • Kendle

    I were facing the same problem that's why i open community and finally got my answer thanks to you. It seems now have to open a ticket. Hmmm

  • Sacha Korchinski

    Hi @...,

    I've raised this with the advocacy team and they actually directed me to this forum. 

    Currently, there's no option in Talk to change/switch numbers to make/call those callback requests. The only workaround is making an outbound call (from the ticket or Talk console) then entering the phone number and setting the line we want to make the outbound call from.

    This isn't exactly a workaround and it sounds like I'm going to have to turn off the Call back feature which is a shame because it would actually provide a really good experience for customers if the calls didn't drop immediately after accepting the request. 

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

  • Josh E

    Jenny Gillett are there any updates on this at all? Are there any work arounds that have come up in the last 12 months that might assist with this issue at all?

  • Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Josh, 

    Thank you for your understanding but due to other high priority items we need to tackle, this will not be on our roadmap. 



  • Josh E

    Thanks for your response Sean Chuang. Are there any proposed work arounds in the meantime?

  • Nick Beagley

    I would up vote this, as it would seem allowing the outbound call back to occur on a different number that isn't toll free would simply solve the issue.


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