Feature Request: Ability to View Questions Asked by Customers in Answer Bot


  • Ryan Boyer

    This is a great enhancement request! This restriction (not being able to view questions from customers in Answer Bot when answer is "No" or no resolution) was one of the reasons we decided not to move forward with deploying it in our instance. 

  • Monika Vogel
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi annie.wu and Ryan Boyer

    Just want to come back to you as we agree that it's valuable to see the questions where article recommendations were not helpful. We'll start exploring how we can include this signal into Content Cues and how we improve article suggestions in general. 

    Thanks for this great feature request! 

  • Kaitlyn

    I would love to have the ability to know what questions our customers are asking so we can continue to build out our helpdesk in more constructive ways.  Any update on when this will be available?


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