Feature request - Enable hyperlink rendering for Ticket form submissions


  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...

    Last year we released the rich text editing capability for request forms and in the improved editor experience there is a link tool which makes it easy to insert links. Have you tried this experience or are you still using the plain text option on your account?

  • A.J. Bouchard

    Hi Kasper Sorensen Thanks for your reply!

    We do have the rich text editor experience enabled. What we've experienced is that the users submitting the form do not bother manually hyperlinking the the URL. Instead they just paste in the URL and assume that it will auto-hyperlink when they click submit. They probably shouldn't assume that; however, they might be used to that happening in other common UX's they're familiar with, like in email clients (Outlook, Gmail) and messaging tools like Slack.

    I hope this can be added to your product backlog and considered in a future roadmap.

  • Sunil Wankhede

    Hi Kasper Sorensen,

    Is there any progress on this issue, can we have an update on it?


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