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  • Daniël Nieuwendijk

    This exact functionality is what I've been looking for! It would be great to be able to embed the widget, and then have users call it up by clicking a "more info" link which opens the widget, and instead of a list of articles, shows the article that contains the specific content related to what the user wanted to have more information about.

    For background, our use case is as follows: we have a questionnaire that users have to go through to use our specific legal service. We can offer competitive prices only because we have our users fill in as much as possible information online, so that the time our legal professionals spend on each case remains limited. Therefore, being able to offer explanations that pertain directly to a specific question or section of this questionnaire would be extremely helpful. We can develop such features too, but it feels like Zendesk should want to be the tool for this type of integration.


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