Due Date Met? "Yes" or "No"


  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Travis Rider, I think this would work if you created a standard calculated attribute instead of a standard calculated metric using the same formula.

    Then, add your attribute to the Rows or Columns panel in your query. I hope this helps!

  • Travis Rider

    Thanks for the suggestion @...! I switched to a standard calculated attribute and I am now getting results, but the results are all "no".

    I also might have been making the calculation more difficult that it needed to be so I switched it to the following:

    IF (AVG(Due Date Delivery)<1) THEN "Yes" ELSE "No" ENDIF

    However, I'm still getting the same results. I'm wondering if it has to do with the AVG aggregator. 

  • Travis Rider

    Ah, it looks like it actually has to do with the "computed from" field.

    In Computed from, select the attribute you are using in your query. If you do not select an attribute, the calculation will be measured against the total.

    Now I'm not sure which attribute to compute from.


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