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  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ksenia,

    In your sample table, are the information for 'Subject/Issue reports' and 'Pharmacy Name' stored in custom ticket fields? If so, then the data from those fields should be available in Explore. When adding Rows, you can search for the name of the field in the search box (they should be under the Ticket custom fields folder). You can refer to this doc to see how custom ticket field data is stored in Explore: Reporting with custom fields. Essentially, attributes available in Explore are the data coming from user/org/ticket fields. If the data that you're looking to report on is not stored in your tickets as ticket field/field values, then I'm afraid there wouldn't be a way to pull them into Explore reports.

    To display your ticket information in a table like that, just use the Tickets metric, and then under Rows, add the default metrics Ticket created - Date, Ticket ID and Ticket status, along with the attributes that correspond to your 'Subject/Issue reported' and 'Pharmacy name' fields. If you have a huge volume of tickets in your account, then you may want to add filters to your report to narrow down the data that will be queried so that Explore will be able to handle the query.

    Hope this helps. Thanks Ksenia!

  • Ksenia Shanyuk

    Thank you, Gab. I will review the ticket custom field and will get back if any further assistance required. Appreciate your help. 


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