Reporting on Skipped Tickets without using Play Mode



  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Nikki! It is not possible to report on which tickets have been opened or viewed by an agent, as there is not an update actually associated with the ticket. Similarly, while we have data on tickets that are skipped in Guided mode and we can access that data, we don't have any additional reporting functionality associated with it, as mentioned in this article: Can I report on skipped tickets in Guided mode?

    A query that looks at the outliers for time created to first assignment time would would be a good way to help identify some of the tickets that folks didn't want to touch :) The query would look similar to this one: First assignment to first resolution time
    You could also look at tickets that have been in the New/Open status for a while without a first reply or ones that have a higher than average first reply time.

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