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    Ayush Upadhyay
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    We haven't forgotten about this and this is still on our radar. We should have an update for you in the coming quarters. 


  • Ayush Upadhyay
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We have taken the feedback and will work on enabling sound for a transferred conversation in the coming future. 

  • Khajik Khajadourian

    +1 to this. 

  • Emeryrose

    +1 to this. The accept button is really important. Although before agents transfer the chat to another agent they can see the status of others, some of them still transfer the chat to invisible agents which will cause a problem here. If invisible agents can have a choice to click the "accept" button, that will be better.

  • Jamie Martin

    Any updates to this? Sound notifications aren't working at all regardless of transfer, accepting new chats, or servicing ongoing chats. 

  • Dmitry Amelkin

    +1, very annoying

  • Michael Mulligan

    It is important that agents are presented an audible notification to alert them to incoming transferred chats to give our customers the best possible support experience. Please move this up the roadmap as a priority item.

  • Michael Mulligan

    Ayush Upadhyay, do you have any idea on a timeline for implementation?

  • Laura Bishop

    Because we work multiple chats and/or have multiple tasks going on at any one time, we need to know if a chat has been assigned to us from another agent so we can get to that incoming chatter as soon as possible. Otherwise, without that alert and if the agent did not notify us that they assigned a chat to us, that person might go unserved for a longer period of time than would be ideal. It is not the best experience for the customer waiting for help.


  • Tammy Larson

    The sound notification and accept button are important to ensure we don't miss the transferred chat.  Right now without the sound or accept, it's easy to miss when a chat is transferred which is horrible customer service.  We also need visibility of the customers in queue with the ability to grab a chat when we have a returned customer.  We lose chats often so we need to be able to grab them from the queue so they don't have to wait to be served.

  • Cathy Stuelpnagel

    Ideally the chat would not drop until the customer has purposefully closed the chat, however, people frequently unintentionally leave chat.  They are frustrated that the chat has closed when they return.  These individuals are added to the queue instead of receiving immediate continuation of service.  This is frustrating for the customers as well as more difficult for us.  If there was a way to press a button to continue with the chatter, or (less ideally) to see the chatter in queue and take the chat, that would be best to offer more seamless service to the customers.  

    As it is now, the customer returns to the queue, another agent might be assigned to that customer, the CS agent needs to check to see who the customer had been previously chatting with, send that agent a notification and wait for a response so they can assign the chat to that agent, since there is no sound or notification through the system that the customer had returned.  Additionally, when people return they often return with a visitor number rather than email address and name, which makes it more difficult to find the agent with whom they had been chatting.

    This whole issue cause longer wait time, less continuity of service, frustration on behalf of the customers that they are disconnected, have to wait, then be transferred and wait again.  


  • Patricia-c Palmer-C

    Please provide more of an update than "on our radar."  This is a very important feature that is missing and therefore causing extra work for our agents and often results in customers that have to unnecessarily experience extended wait times.  Are you planning to make this update within the next quarters?  Thank you!

  • Natalia Lutsevich

    +1 please do it asap. Indeed critical for the business.

  • Jason Walker-C

    Sad, this is such a critical need and has gone stale since Jan.... We have spend a lot of time/money on usability testing that found this as critical. I wonder how ZD is performing usability testing... How did they miss this? May be the usual situation where they acquired another product/service. Tried to incorporate it and created a mess of it. Chat triggers are limited in messaging vs. old chat web widget. Chat triggers are misaligned with support triggers. Some very key features simply are missing from messaging. queue times and position displayed to users to set expectations, etc... Yeah, there is solutions to this as you can see in their own use of messaging. Their response to that is "get a developer and use sunshine". Great, spend more time and money on things they should have user tested and built in, in the first place... arghhh, Sorry for the vent. 

    @Ayush Upadhyay Please help....


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