How many fields can be added to a form?



  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Joshua -

    I don't believe there is a set limit, although an extremely large number of fields would not be a good user experience when filling out the form. Is there a particular number of fields you're hoping to include?

  • Josh Paulsen

    I'm guessing there will be around 500 custom fields. All but a few start as hidden, with up to 10-15 appearing. The conditional logic determines which of the various fields are needed dependent on selections made.

    We currently have a similar form with almost 100 fields but are hoping to update to provide added granularity with options that can be selected. Wanted to verify we wouldn't hit a ceiling prior to putting in the effort to create all the additional fields. Sounds like that won't be an issue. 



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