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  • Carlos Beccar

    Additional comment: Some customers are reporting that when we call them their phone displays "Potential Spam" warning. We need to avoid that at all costs.

  • Lauren Rogers
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Carlos,

    Sell does not have the ability to control the caller ID name that shows on your outgoing calls. The caller ID name is determined by the receiving number's telephone carrier.

    Telephone carriers have developed systems to detect and flag potential spam calls. These are the most common reasons numbers are flagged as spam:

    • The number of calls per hour or the number of calls per day that are being made by a single number.
    • The rate of successful connections. 
    • Whether recipients of calls from the number actually report it as spam or being used as part of a scam, and how often the number is reported. 

    If you're encountering this problem, you can be assigned a new number by contacting support to release your current number.

    After you get a new number, monitor call activity to prevent the number from being marked as spam again.


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