External links in tickets created in Internal notes after creating a ticket



  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hey Alexey,

    Just to make sure I'm understanding you correctly. You're wanting to:

    1. Grab the requester's email and concatenate it onto your Amplitude domain.
    2. Have that posted into an internal note.

    Is that correct? If not would you mind walking me through the workflow you're trying to accomplish?

    Have a wonderful day!

    Eric Nelson | Manager - Developer Advocacy

  • Alex

    Hi Eric,

    Great to hear from you. Yep, you're right. So, the workflow looks in this way:

    1. A client contacts us.

    2. We identify a client by email and create a link to the amplitude with the events of this user, so our agents don't need to look for it manually but they'll have a direct link to the Amplitude page of this use directly by clicking on the link created in internal notes automatically after creating a ticket. Hope it sounds clear. However, I'm ready to share more details.


    Have a good day! 

  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hey Alexey,

    Thanks for the context! I'm not familiar with Amplitude, but if the link is formatted the way as your example. You could whip up a super simple app using the apps framework to accomplish this. An even simpler way to accomplish this would be to use a webhook and trigger combination.

    You'll create the webhook to point at your Zendesk instance, specifically at the ticket endpoint. We'll set this up as a put request as we're updating the ticket.

    Then we'll configure the trigger to notify the target under certain conditions. (You'll want to make sure to have a nullifying condition like the checking / adding of a tag in my example. This way the trigger doesn't fire on more than the first instance.)

    We'll then create the body of the request as a private comment and concatenate the ticket.requester.email placeholder onto the end of your link.

    After that you should be good to go!


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