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  • Zach Anthony
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Eddy,

    From what you've described, I understand that you're trying to populate the options of a drop down custom ticket field with data from an external system so that agents can select the appropriate options. The best option I can recommend is using the Update Ticket Field REST API and periodically updating the drop down options when changes occur in your database. 

    Hope it helps!


  • Eddy Castillo

    Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, this won't work since we want to update the custom drop-down meu field with information from the ticket itself, on a ticket-to-ticket basis, every time we get a ticket it only shows the organization information and the location details, and each org is different. 

    This is the reason we are using an App to display the information, and then pass the information from the app to the custom field. 

  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hey Eddy,

    A different option would be to build a dropdown in your app itself loaded with the options provided via the external database. Then when the ticket is saved have that dropdown add the selected options as tags to the ticket. The reporting won't be as clean as it would be using a custom ticket field, but should accomplish what you're looking for.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Eric Nelson | Manager - Developer Advocacy

  • Eddy Castillo

    Thanks for the alternative solution, I will try this out. 


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